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How will the Northlake Community Wharf project affect the surrounding neighborhoods?


The heart of the NLCW project is to create community at the water’s edge. Beyond creating community under the banner of CWB, the wharf would also host public and private meetings, gatherings, events, Rotary meetings, non-profits, for-profits, and gatherings with no affliation. This function would be well-served at the Northlake site. As there is no current community center in Wallingford, we look forward to working with the neighborhood councils of both Fremont and Wallingford to ensure that the meeting space needs are met for our immediate communities.

The goal of the project is to create a space where the public and vessels can authentically engage. The Metro dock site has been a long dormant public resource. While serving an important function for the landmark vessels, the site has been inaccessible for the public, and for good reason: the site needs revitalization to be made safe for public use. Beyond safety, the site design will incorporate maximum public activation of one of the last remaining undeveloped parcels of Seattle’s urban waterfront.

Other than private rowing clubs, the neighborhoods of Fremont and Wallingford have no way to access Lake Union. CWB’s public focus on the north shore of the lake would create a destination where useres of Gasworks Park and the Burke Gilman Trail could interact with the water. The connecting public boat use on the north and south ends of the lake would connect the use of the entire lake.

In addition, CWB continues to enjoy the growth of a non-profit meeting the needs of the community it serves. The Northlake Community Wharf represents an opportunity to serve new communities and a well-timed potential to grow our programs. The potential to reach out to new sectors of Seattle’s public is only made possible through additional space on Lake Union’s waterfront.

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