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Project Background

CWB isn’t moving to Northlake, but we are looking to grow there. For the past two years The Center for Wooden Boats and Historic Seattle have been working to secure the use of a King County owned property in order to create a maritime community center on the north end of Lake Union. It would be a site that would engage new neighbors, provide a location for historic ships to conduct winter maintenance, and it would be a destination and home for a lot of the same types of activity we currently do at South Lake Union. It would be a location for more classes, provide us with more moorage in summer months, and offer a destination for our boats.

The site being considered is a 1/3 acre site adjacent to Gasworks Park, in between the Harbor Patrol compound and Northlake Shipyard. It boasts 220′ of shoreline, an existing 5,000 square foot warehouse, and two piers about 120 feet each. The property is in “diamond in the rough” status; all of the structures are in need of renewal.

Northlake Plan 9/1/08

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