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About NLCW

Artist's concept

Artist's concept

The Friends of Northlake Community Wharf are a group of Fremont and Wallingford neighbors  working with the Center for Wooden Boats and Historic Seattle in the pursuit of creating a Maritime Community Center on the north shore of Lake Union, adjacent to Gasworks Park. When built this site would be a place for the community to connect with maritime heritage and the waters of Lake Union through hands-on activity.

What does that look like?

Right now the design is highly conceptual and blends the success that the CWB has enjoyed for 30 years at the south end of Lake Union ( a mix of community center, sailing center, museum, and educational forum for hands-on classes related to boats and boatbuilding) with the long held desire of the Wallingford and Fremont neighborhoods for a community center of their own. Add into all of that the need of the Puget Sound’s resident fleet of historic ships for a place to do maintenance, and what you get is a vibrant changing venue of activity and community involvement. The activity will range from learning how to build a boat, renting a classic rowboat for a row around Lake Union, launching your own kayak or canoe, catching a water taxi to the other side, lingering to watch skilled craftspeople do traditional ship’s carpentry or just simply sitting on the dock to watch the sun set over the city.

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