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Director of Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods visits Wallingford Community Council

February 8, 2010

Stella Chao speaking at the Neighborhood Matching Fund 20th Anniversary Celebration

Stella Chao, Director of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods was the guest speaker at the February 3rd Wallingford Community Council meeting held at the Good Shepherd Center. The Center for Wooden Boats was invited along with other community projects to give a status report about the Northlake Community Wharf to Director Chao.

Though she was quick to mention the budget cuts that the department took last year, Chao seemed optimistic about the future of Neighborhood Matching Funds. “I am extremely interested in ramping up community ability to sustain energy, knowledge and important projects within the community,” Chao said.

When discussing the Northlake project, Director Chao echoed the same message. “Last year we took major cuts in historic preservation,” she said, “but character in our neighborhoods is sometimes centered around its historic elements. It’s these things that really create what Seattle’s neighborhoods are all about. The Department [of Neighborhoods] will do what it can to help raise the ability of communities to preserve their historic amenities.”

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