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New Year – New People – Same Goals

November 10, 2009

Like the newly elected officials of this year’s election, Betsy Davis and I are looking forward to the next year with anticipation and excitement, and, as to be expected, some nerves. Betsy is the Executive Director of The Center for Wooden Boats and will be taking the reigns on this project from Jake Beattie as he moves on to an executive position of his own elsewhere.

Here’s where we stand today: A unanimous vote by the full Seattle City Council in early October for the non-binding resolution supporting Northlake Community Wharf was a real watershed moment in the history of this project (no pun intended). All sides seem to be increasing their efforts to make this happen. Next, the resolution will move on to the County Council for a similar process, and we’re hoping for similar (if not exactly the same) results.

It’s always nerve-racking to take on the tasks left by someone who was so good at their job. But, like an elected official, we have to ask ourselves, ‘what more can I do?’, ‘how else can I help?’ and ‘what is the next step?’. We will be looking to utilize the support and efforts of the community, the more than 25 organizations who have officially endorsed the project, and anyone who is simply interested in providing a great public maritime space on one of the few remaining waterfront properties in Seattle, as we venture on into the wild blue yonder. If this were a campaign speech, I would close with, “I WANT YOU – to support Northlake Community Wharf.”

– Meg Gilshire, Outreach Coordinator Northlake Community Wharf

See the resolution : action_summary (Northlake Community Wharf is #5)


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