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Charley Royer to put his shoulder to the wheel

July 29, 2009

Former three-term Seattle mayor Charley Royer has offered a month of his time to help the Northlake Community Wharf project. The Royer Group (more information here: has donated a month of pro-bono consulting services to assist with advocacy and navigating the various bureaucracies to make this proposed civic resource a reality. The Royer Group will be invaluable in helping make sure that we are understanding the issues, and then approaching them correctly. Thank you!

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  1. Jean Gosse permalink
    August 17, 2009 12:58 pm

    I would like to use my Lightning Class Sailboat to enhance CWB activities. When considering a CWB facility at the north end of Lake Union, please think of the trailerable sailboats that cannot get into the lake at the Sunnyside ramp because of the wire across the top of the ramp!! My classic Lightning built in Corvallis Oregon in 1964, sits on an old fashioned trailer with 26″ wheels, and the mast is 28′ tall. Stepping the mast with the boat in the water is difficult at best and impossible in an atmosphere of motor boats and “Ducks”. Please, a place to launch with the mast up.

    Ballard is no help, although my boat can pass under the Fremont Bridge, I have no motor and sailing in the ship canal upsets the power boat contingent. That ramp also has a wire across the top!!

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