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The Northlake Community Wharf Project Begins

May 19, 2009

“The maritime heritage community is pulling together with a new vitality to expand education and outreach to young peo­ple, while reinvigorating the preservation of heritage vessels, retaining scarce public access to the waterfront, and bringing an understanding of the joys of maritime activity to a new gen­eration of residents and visitors in Seattle.”

Jim Compton, former Seattle City Councilman, Chair Maritime Heritage Task Force

The Center for Wooden Boats and Historic Seattle are working with Metro King County to transform a former fuel dock into an interpretive maritime activity center that supports the continued preservation of heritage vessels and provides the public with an opportunity to access these vessels and their stories. This site preserves Seattle’s working waterfront and adds to the “greenspace” of Gasworks Park by creating a way for the public to get out the “bluespace” of Lake Union.

This community forum was created as a way to involve members of the surrounding neighborhoods, members of the maritime community and members of the general public in an ongoing discussion and brainstorm session regarding the future of the Northlake site.

We welcome you to ask questions, leave feedback, and chat with members of the community, neighborhood leaders, representatives and project leads about this fun and fascinating project.

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